Monday, July 10, 2017

Become an Online Avon Representative

Become an Online Avon Representative!

It is SOOO Easy! Avon has taken the time to remove the previously required "face to face" appointment in order to become a rep.  Now you only have to do an "Online" appointment.  There is Nothing to it!

The start up cost is as low as $25!  (You have possibly seen start up costs of $15...unfortunately that is now inaccurate...the low is now $25...just wanted to give you a heads up.)  You get so much for your $25 though:
20 campaign books to get you started...3 full sized products....lots of training materials and some cool bags.  Your eStore is FREE.  This also used to be a charge. 

Please sign up today with Me!  I want to build my "team" and I want YOU to be a part of it and then YOU can begin Your Very Own Team. Not to mention you love Avon and Avon Products!  I love Avon because it sells itself and I, personally, WANT to buy it!  I always have a customer..ME! :-)  (And some others of course...but I believe in the products and love buying them for myself and my family as well!) 

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up..Now...Today!  EASY!  Takes like 5-10 minutes tops!

Sign up using (this goes straight to the "appointment"): 

Please use Reference: MelanieR

You can also SIGN UP HERE as well. 

Join Melanie's Avon Team

My personal eStore for you to buy from if you are not signing up today is:

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